Lunares Flamenco


Dear Customer,

We are proud to present Lunares, the Brazilian flamenco fashion brand.

Lunares has flourished from the wish to bring flamenco & fashion together, for we believe flamenco is a LIFESTYLE.

The brand materializes the desire of putting on a cute T-shirt, having a trendy bag to either carry your flamenco shoes or your paperwork and a modern baile skirt to perform on stage or to wear day-to-day.

Our collection captures that flamenco energy, but with a modern twist, an urban touch, a flair of its own. In this broader sense of the art, Lunares offers clothes to everyone who lives flamenco - out of profession, practice or sheer pleasure.

The content of this website will soon be brought to you in full English version. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our collection at "Lunares Virtual Shop". Although it is all written in Brazilian Portuguese, you are sure to enjoy our apparel and ideas - a true feast for the eyes.

Finally, if you have any question, comments, or if you would like to place an order, please contact us in English at "", or call us at +55 (41) 3779-3301/ +55 (41) 9965-7264. WE DELIVER WORLDWIDE.

Thank you for your visit, we hope you will be coming back shortly.

Lunares flamenco
"porque la vida se baila"