Mustard Floral Long-Dress 6 Ruffles

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V-neck sleeveless long-dress made with printed polyester and spandex fabric. Features double lined body and 6 ruffles starting at hip-height.

AVAILABLE 1 SIZE S - FOR TOTAL HEIGHT FROM 5'4"in TO 5'7.6" in or 67.6"in

Fabric content96% Polyester, 4% Spandex

S – small 
Chest: 34.64 to 36.22 inches
Waist: 27.55 to 29.13 inches
Hips:37.00 to 38.58 inches

Fits a person with total heigth* from 5'4"in to 5'7.6" in or 67.6"in.

(*) Total heigth: from top of the head to floor with no shoes on.

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